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Pull Quotes – From press, radio, venues, artists and fans

“‘DRIVE’ is a curiously addictive marriage of folk, pop and jazz influences.” ~ Arthur Wood, Maverick Magazine, UK | 4 out of 5 stars

“To my mind Paula Held adds new ideas to the jazz-related work of now famous female artists like Norah Jones, Diana Krall and Madeleine Peyroux. And, after listening many times to her fine CD, I can honestly state: ‘Paula is not less gifted, she is just less famous.’ Her songs are beautiful, the melody lines fine, her voice is flexible and sultry, [and] the accompaniment is excellent …” ~ Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands

“Paula Held’s … strength lies in avoiding the singer-songwriter trap, which she does neatly by employing jazzy, poppy arrangements …” ~ Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle | 3 out of 5 stars

“Paula’s lyrics are surprisingly different, she uses unexpected metaphors to please the open-minded and interested listener. Take for instance the first lines of the dreamy ballad ‘Winter Blossom’: ‘The Musclewoods have all been dipped in mercury and silver. A black grackle cackles ‘neath a dove-grey sky. A restless patch of Black-eyed Susans lashes out in sprays of color, all decked out like a baptist’s daughter, gone out the window to meet her lover, underneath the wistful gaze of Winter’s leaden eye. Every region of my skin you draped in burgundy and velvet, and removed the crown of reason that I wore’. I really love this kind of music, it’s poetic and has depth.” ~ Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands

“… an album by someone who has had a longstanding romance with words and music and who retains a real fidelity to the integrity of emotion that a song should convey.” ~ John William Davis, Singer-Songwriter, Kerrville New Folk winner, Denver CO

“Held spins her songs from natural imagery and a vivid sensual lexicon.” ~ Rob Patterson, Music Critic, Austin TX

” ‘DRIVE’s’ lyrical intimacy and blithe instrumentation take listeners on the scenic route to a warmly familiar destination.” ~ Claire Ashton, Austin American Statesman

“Like the untethered balloon on the cover of “DRIVE”, Paula Held poetically transcends typical expressions of emotional terra firma. Jazzy and Fresh. I like it!” ~ Lane Gosnay, The Bugle Boy, LaGrange TX

“DRIVE’s tracks provide the perfect soundtrack for summer with campfire storytelling (“Tumbleweed Heart”), time-honored ragtime (“You’re My Falling Star”) and lighthearted, organic fare that seamlessly melds the fun, surfer-blues vibe of Jack Johnson with the classic American composition of Cole Porter (“Shoop Ta Sho”). ~ Claire Ashton, Austin American Statesman

“[DRIVE is Paula’s] first CD & produced with taste & a light touch (never drowns the great sensual vocals) by Stephen Doster who added sultry horns & a Hammond to create a pretty jazzy mix. Some of Austin’s most seasoned session players are here, too. It’s a sophisticated creation based on transformation – emotional & physical – and she writes the most surprising double-wide bridges!” ~ SJ, KOOP Radio 91.7

“… the sum effect is a sort of dreamy drunkenness: just the sort of spell one might expect from a high-summer moon.” ~ New Folk Winner John William Davis, Denver CO

“[DRIVE] it is a beaut. A heartstrung odyssey hung heavy with poetry, longing and grace.” ~ Regan Brown, Regan Brown Agency, Austin TX

“DRIVE is no freshman effort; these are songs written by someone who’s been wise enough to wait until her time is ripe.” ~ Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle “Excellent songwriting, great atmosphere. Paula Held catches us with her delightful jazzy album.” ~ Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands

“Voice of roses, lyrics of steel.” ~ Charlie Stewart, Handshake Management, Austin TX

“Paula Held is “Austin’s Best Kept Secret.” She is artistic [and] tasteful … and nothing short of totally captivating. Of all our guests “In The Music Room” over the years, she is the most pleasant surprise. Stunning, talented … ” ~ Randy Tredway, Founder, In the Music Room House Concert Series

“Paula’s intriguing stories and love songs, her soothing voice, and intricate guitar playing, absolutely stole the show at our house concert.” ~ Pat Martinek House Concerts, Golden CO

“Paula Held lit up my living room with her engaging presence, beautiful voice, and wonderful songs.” Jeffrey Mandel, House On The Lake Concerts, Tallahassee, FL

“Austin songstress Paula Held mixes the introspective poetry of Joni Mitchell with the soft jazz of Norah Jones in her debut disc. Stephen Doster’s understated production lets her endlessly inventive melodies shine through. I’m enjoying it more with each listen.” ~ Steve Brooks, Award-winning Singer Songwriter, Austin TX

“Though you’ll catch whiffs of Cheryl [Crow] and Rickie Lee and some classic tin pan alley, ultimately, [DRIVE] is a wonderfully unique creation. Take DRIVE out for a test spin. I think you’ll find the experience addictive. I sure did.” ~ John William Davis, Singer-Songwriter, Kerrville New Folk winner, Denver CO

“I’ve been listening to your CD all day and I can truly say that it’s one of my all time favorites. You’re in good company with folks like Linda Ronstadt, Tish Hinojosa, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Carole King and a host of others. I like the writing, the vocals, the instrumentation – all of it.” ~ Lety Perez, fan

“Paula Held’s sultry voice, combined with the jazzy arrangements of her songs makes “DRIVE” a wonderful listening experience.” ~ Joe Angel, Random Routes, KEOS, College Station TX

“The nuance and heart in Paula’s voice shines through and the intimacy of the production surrounds her beautifully.” ~ Christine Albert, Singer Songwriter, Austin TX

“Paula’s voice originates in that dusk between day and night: sensual, breathless, determined, playful.” ~ Alison Moore, Author & 2009 National Endowment for the Arts winner

“[Held’s] voice [is] as immediately familiar and tender as a dear friend or fondly remembered lover.” ~ Rob Patterson, Music Critic, Austin TX

“Paula could sing the phone book and make every one around want to listen.” ~ David Brown, Songwriter, Austin TX

“Stephen Doster’s … production [is] never heavy handed, and thus one of Paula’s greatest strengths, the kind of plaintive innocence of her voice, is never swallowed up by accompaniment.” ~ New Folk Winner John William Davis, Denver CO

“A beautifully produced, folk-pop gem.” ~ Jim Patton, of Edge City, Austin TX

“Bluesy and excellent.” ~ Paul Barker, Barker House Concerts, Austin TX

“Your CD is in heavy rotation in my car.” ~ David Halley, Singer-Songwriter, Austin TX

“Paula isn’t exactly musical but she’ll be DAMNED if the other kids can do something she can’t so she sits at the piano by the hour.” ~ Marilyn Custer, Paula’s Mom, when she was 6