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Paula Held “DRIVE” – (Jazzy) Folk by SJ Williams

[“DRIVE”] is Paula’s first CD & produced with taste & a light touch (never drowns the great sensual vocals) by Stephen Doster who added sultry horns & a Hammond to create a pretty jazzy mix. Some of Austin’s most seasoned session players are here, too. It’s a sophisticated creation based on transformation – emotional & physical – and she writes the most surprising double-wide bridges!

Lyrically, it’s more about the feeling behind the story rather than just story.

#01 I Need To Drive – My least favorite (doesn’t = bad) Play anything else first.
#02 Shoop Ta Sho – Fun & soul-filled bop w/ great trumpet.
#03 I Don’t Care About The Moon – Beautiful & jazzy.
#04 You’re My Falling Star – Jazz standard waiting to happen. Brushed snare. Tasty piano everywhere. Sweetest simple guitar solo.
#05 Watermelon Moon Eyes – Mid-tempo, jazzy, melodic. Surprising bridge w/ cool descending strings just after it. Lovely, delicate instrumental outro.
#06 Winter Blossom – Such nice keyboards on this one. Nice song.
#07 Tumbleweed Heart – Totally Texas. Closest she comes to lyrical hook but still manages to sound like poetry. Like the harmonies on this – mixed way back.
#08 Moon’s Too Bright – Another tasty, well-written song w/ beautiful guitar solo.
#09 You Got Love – A bit more traditionally folk/pop. Mid-tempo.
#10 Our Goodbyes – Wistful & beautifully written & arranged. Perfect ending.

[Turning Moon Music 2010]