About Sangre Triste

Sangre Triste is a genre of poetry that expresses the beauty of sadness. Some of the poets of this milieu were Vallejo, Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral. Sangre Triste exposes the frailty of the human spirit and its determination to overcome loss. We are lead to see into the soul of another and find ourselves in their humanity.

Leavin’ Happy
Last summer I passed through the North Texas Panhandle town of Happy, and stayed in a little motel called the Lasso. This is a story about one of its reluctant residents.

New Snow Falling
A song of rebirth that tells the story of a mother and wife who has lost touch with her own voice and creativity. One snowy evening in a late winter, all her feelings of loss around her identity coalesce into one moment in time.

She’ll Be Her Fred Astaire
This song deals with alienation as well as the deep bonds of friendship we experience as teenagers in high school. It’s a tender story about three young women caught in a school love triangle.

Tyler Blue
Set in Corpus Christi, Tyler Blue tells the story of a young mother who is unable to move through her grief over the loss of her childhood-sweetheart husband who was killed in the Iraq war. She grapples with her responsibilities as a mother of two young children as it nears the 5-year anniversary of his death.

Lila and Jack
An affair between two loners, and how they both deal with their feelings when Jack breaks it off to recommit to his wife.

A song that celebrates the beauty of unconditional love.