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10% of your contribution goes to the SIMS foundation, a local musicians mental health organization that provides counseling and addiction treatment to musicians.

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When you make a contribution, you’ll receive an online receipt which you can then print for your records. Your contribution is made through PayPal, however you do not need a PayPal account to contribute. Upon release, you’ll receive a signed CD, mention in the album credits and a T-shirt. Thank you for your support!

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I’ll get by with a little help from my fans.

Supportive Fellow Artist

Kindred spirit:  Under-employed fellow artist. Pays for a glass of wine and barmaid tip after 8 hours of recording.


Supportive Fan, Stable Employment

Minimally Gainfully employed fan:  Not much disposable income, but you really want to help. Pays for me and my producer’s dinner after 10 hours of recording.


Supportive Fan, Stable Employment with a Little Left Over

Gainfully employed fan, with a modicum of disposable income:  Regularly donate small amounts to Public Radio and various eco-causes. Pays for about an hour of studio time.


Date Prospect

Love interest:  You hope that by donating, you’ll get a date with me. Pays for an 1½ hours of studio time.


I’ll get it finished with a LOT of help from my fans.


Good paying job, comfortable, like to support the arts:  Little-to-no financial stress, can afford to be generous in giving to causes you believe in. $100 pays for 1-2 hours of studio time. $500 pays for a full day of studio time.



Well-heeled: No worries, over 3,000 square foot home, season tickets to local cultural arts series, yearly vacations, stocks, savings plan, kids gone. Pays for 1-2 full days of studio time.


Patron of the Arts

Wealthy, all of the above, but square it.  Pays for 2 to 10 days of studio time.


Marriage Prospect I

Absurdly Wealthy (Democrat):  Pays for basic recording and mixing of a 10-song record. Or part of a radio promotion campaign.


Marriage Prospect II

Absurdly Wealthy (Republican):  Pays for recording, mixing, mastering, package design, duplication, marketing & publicity. Or a small radio promotion campaign.


Sincere Smart Ass

None of the above, but I’ll still contribute, because you’re a hell of a songwriter.  I promise it will pay for something important related to making the next record, no matter what you give!

Teach Me How to Fish

I can’t contribute financially, but I’d like to invite you to play my House Concert Series or Host a House Concert for you.